Efficiently weight loss
You have asked yourself, why do two people use the same diet, one weight loss and the other not? Losing weight, but after a few months, are you a victim of the "rebound effect"? The genetic test of MyGenetics will help you to know why.
Why a DNA test to lose weight?
A diet based on your genes is 2 to 3 times more effective than a conventional one.
Unique requirements
Know your energy expenses and real fat requirements, to be able to accustom your diet to an individual. All people do not have the same requirement, we are only genetically.
Identify your body's metabolism to modify your meals, maybe fats are the problem, maybe carbohydrates. Adjust your meals and lose weight efficiently.
Without stress
Take into account your personal genetic preferences and preferences. If your sensitivity to sweet flavors is very low, you will eat more sweets, change them for sweet fruits that provide vitamins.
Long-lasting effect with no setbacks
You will not have the so-called "rebound effect", since you will know if you have the predisposition to develop it, the fast is good for you or it hurts you, keep in mind the recommendations of the specialists.
Anastasia Khozisova
TOP model Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld
After the DNA test, I learned how what I eat affects my mood, shape, condition of my skin, hair, what kind of sport I need. MyGenetics is a great test that gave me an understanding of what is needed and what should not be eaten, how to properly change my lifestyle to be healthy.
When I did the DNA test, I was surprised to find that my sport is Pilates. Moved from strength exercises to Pilates, and the result was in a month! Knowing yourself is very important. This is an amazing test.
<< Codifies the protein that binds the fatty acids in the intestine, contributes to its absorption and active transport. It has a high affinity for saturated fats and provides capture and transport in the bloodstream >>
Our tests
Choose the test according to the number of genes you want us to analyze and your personal goals
USD 99
Your great start
Analysis of 7 genes. You will learn about the metabolism of foods that will help you lose weight effectively and reduce the risk of suffering from some related diseases.
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USD 159
For your son
Analysis of 12 genes. You will learn about the metabolism of nutrients in your child's diet to form their eating habits and know the best sport in which they can develop.
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USD 199
Your great change
Analysis of 17 genes. You will learn about the metabolism of different foods, as well as sensitivity to flavors, which will help you tone your body to achieve your goals.
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USD 299
Your best choice
Analysis of 32 genes. This report will be the beginning of your new life, get the knowledge you need. You will achieve your maximum potential using your genetics.
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How does it work?
Order your test online

Choose the test of your preference in our website; Light, Baby, Fit, Wellness or Beauty and click on "Buy now". Fill in the form, and your Kit will be delivered to your address.
Take your DNA sample

Follow the instructions on how to take the test given in the Kit. Put the samples in the envelope, fill in the questionnaire and send it to the address in Russia.
Analysis in the laboratory

Your samples will arrive to our laboratory in Russia, where our scientists will perform the DNA analysis and begin working on your personal report.
Get your personalized genetic report
After 3 to 4 weeks, you will get your personalized genetic report with all your genetic characteristics and you will be able to make a true change in your healthy lifestyle.
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