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Choose the test of your preference in our website; Light, Baby, Fit, Wellness or Beauty and click on "Buy now". Fill in the form, and your Kit will be delivered to your address.
We will send a kit so you can take the DNA sample
We work all over the world and send a DNA test to any city around the world. The kit includes a questionnaire, instructions, an envelope for DNA material and 3 sterilized swabs.
Take your DNA sample according to the instructions and complete the questionnaire
  1. Slide with a cotton swab from the set on the inside of the cheek
  2. Let dry for about 10 minutes
  3. Break the tip of the swab without touching the cotton and place it in the sterilized envelope, sealing it
  4. Fill out the form and the corresponding signature
  5. Send the DNA sample and the form to the address written in the envelope.
Your samples will be analyzed in the MyGenetics laboratory
All analyzes are performed in the authorized MyGenetics laboratory.
The research process:
The swabs with the genetic material are placed in a special solution, in it, the cells begin to dissolve, thus obtaining the DNA.
The specialist transfers the DNA into test tubes with reagents and places them in the amplifier. The genotype is determined by the real-time PCR method.
Preparing your personal DNA report
The results of the genetic analysis are processed by experts of the company MyGenetics and based on them your personal DNA report is done. You will receive a notification that the DNA report is ready and you will receive it via email.
Follow the recommendations in your report: adjust your lifestyle, your diet and your physical activity to achieve new goals. In addition, we will contact you to explain your results. Then, you can opt for a long-term program with a nutritionist or health specialist.
It aims to study how the different genetic variants of people influence the metabolism of nutrients, diet and diseases associated with it
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USD 299
Advanced report based on your DNA. Analysis of 32 genes will help you to find a perfect way to maintain health, boost sport indicators and choose the correct nutrition plan
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USD 199
Genetic-based survey of your emotional sphere, behavioral & brain efficiency.
10 genes analysis has a key to enhance
motivation & performance
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