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«My mission is to instill good nutrition and active life habits among individuals and help them lead a healthy life, free of worries and diseases. I think that by knowing how our genes influence the foods we eat regularly, nutritionists can give them a personalized diet »
Anju Atreya
India - Director, Body Pulse, Masters Degree in Food & Nutrition and a certified nutritionist of VLCC.
"When I received my DNA test, I realized that my type of optimal exercise is Pilates. I went back to him and in a month I got results; Thanks to Pilates and tips on the regular diet. In general, knowing you, knowing what to eat and what sports or exercises you should practice is very important to lead a healthy life. Actually, this product is very good »
Anastasia Khozisova
Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld top model
«Dietary recommendations based on the genetic profile of each individual are of vital importance to achieve better results in the area of fitness and sports. My Genetics gives you an optimal nutrition plan and adequate physical level to change your exercise routine and not get stuck, but maximize your sports skills »
Konstantin Nekrasov
Fitness expert, three-time world bodybuilding champion, most distinguished man athlete in Russia.
"The MyGenetics DNA reports helped me understand what exactly my body needs and how to achieve better results without a test error. I made many better changes in my lifestyle and I recommend it to everyone who is trying to significantly improve the quality of their lives »
Sharon R. Alexander
Miss Rajasthan 2014 - Femina Miss India Delhi finalist
Miss Model of the World 2016
"As a climber, you often get to a point where progressing becomes complicated. Thanks to the genetics test I was able to know my sports predispositions to change my training plan and keep progressing when I thought there was very little to do. Now, changing my diet and adapting my exercise routine, I can continue to progress in a sport in which the competition is very hard »
Juan Carlos Galindo
Spain - Climber
«A diet is not something universal. My Genetics DNA reports help us understand what exactly your body needs and what dietary tools allow you to lose weight to each individual. My Genetics is a unique opportunity for all people to fight the problem of overweight and stay healthy successfully. "
Marianna Trifonova
Top 6 in best dieticians in practice in Russia
«The organism of a child is not a field for experiments. The earlier parents learn it, the more likely a child has to grow up healthy, strong and wise. The fastest way to learn the traits and individual needs of your child is through a DNA test. The report by My Genetics is a great help and confidence for the correct growth and multilateral development of your child »
Ludmila Seledzova
Dietitian and pediatrician, mother of three children Russia
"Very good! Interesting information And about caffeine, alcohol, lactose, gluten, sugar, antioxidants and, of course, about physical activity. It turned out that I have a predisposition to a reduced rate of glycogen consumption. In practice, it turned out that low carb diets are completely my option. Only this experience came to me and I thought I had a power supply system that is in view of the type of activity in the past. Cross-country skiing is a sport for strong colleagues. I have no protective effect against the growth of fat cells. It's good that I do not like fat »
Yaroslav Nikolaev
Personal trainer, bodybuilding MSMK
and bodyfitness, 37 years old, Saint Petersburg
«The analysis reveals the genetic characteristics that affect the individual metabolism, knowing that it is possible to optimize nutrition and exercise, helps to know your body and, if possible, prolong healthy longevity and improve the quality of life.
The MyGenetics program interested me as a specialist working in human genetics. Despite the significant achievements in the field of genetic knowledge, today there are very few companies that offer a program with a foundation and an understandable and useful "decoding" of the results »
Natalia Koches
Medical geneticist at CNMT
"Based on the results of the tests, we received reports that contained information about a personal diet, which should be adhered to, based on my genetic characteristics. In addition to helping you lose weight or simply maintain weight (as in my case), this diet helps reduce the risk of developing certain diseases. Interestingly, at the genetic level, the peculiarity of my body has been confirmed: it is difficult to tolerate gluten. I already knew this before, so I restricted eating cereal for the past 5 years. They also advised me to limit the use of salt, and I was also glad that you can not be very enthusiastic in the gym. "
Alika Smekhova
Actress, pop singer, television presenter,
honorary artist of Russia, 48 years old, Moscow
«Many now seek to lead a healthy lifestyle, participate in sports, eat well. Everyone wants to be beautiful and healthy. BUT, very few people really know the characteristics of their body. I was very interested in this topic, and I want to know everything about myself, so I ordered the MyGenetics DNA test. Everything was very simple and accessible »
Elena Basenko
(Peña), participant of the show "Danzas" on TNT
«The MyGenetics program uses the achievements of national and foreign genetics scientists, provides specific recommendations to balance the possibilities of the body and help to stay healthy.
The MyGenetics project is very useful for modern people who are interested not only in their health, but in the subtleties that determine it. I want to point out that the authors of the project have made every effort to make this research available to a wide range of people and thanks to the MyGenetics program, we can all know the influence of our genes on the human body »
Tatyana Lukyanova
Principal geneticist of the Health Department of the Novosibirsk Town Hall
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