Do you have the genes of a sprinter, marathoner or bodybuilder? Do you have better results when you do exercises in the mornings or afternoons? These and more questions about your sports genetics will be answered through MyGenetics DNA analysis.

How a DNA Test Helps to Boost Sport Potential?
A diet based on your genes helps you overcome your sport "roof"
Sports features
Know your true innate sports characteristics to be able to take advantage of them in your training program; resistance or speed; Maybe you are prone to develop muscle mass and bodybuilding is your sport.
Intensity and duration
Identify the intensity and duration in your workouts to get the best results in your workouts. You can know if your body trains better in the mornings or in the evenings, high or medium intensity.
Understand what type of food is necessary for your body and thus, to obtain the highest performance. Your performance goes hand in hand with the knowledge of your body.
Prevention of diseases
You will learn your genetic predispositions and how to prevent some diseases related to the metabolism of food in your body
Konstantin Nekrasov
Fitness expert, three-times world champion and the most titled athlete in modern Russian bodybuilding
The genetics of each of us awarded individual features in the structure of muscles, the ability to burn fat and endurance. For this reason, all people react differently to the same training program, and the DNA test allows you to choose the optimal program for each person, based on the individual characteristics of your body.
Genes influence on sports practice is 70% after 21 years
Join a DNA Adventure
Choose the test according to the number of genes you want us to analyze and your personal goals
USD 299
Advanced report based on your DNA. Analysis of 32 genes will help you to find a perfect way to maintain health, boost sport indicators and choose the correct nutrition plan
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USD 199
Genetic-based survey of your emotional sphere, behavioral & brain efficiency.
10 genes analysis has a key to enhance
motivation & performance
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Leave a request
MyGenetics team will contact you to attend your request
Leave a request
MyGenetics team will contact you to attend your request
Leave a request
MyGenetics team will contact you to attend your request
How does it work?
Choose the test of your preference in our website; Wellness, Neuro or both and click on "Buy now". Fill in the form, and Kit will be delivered by courier to your address
DNA Sample
Follow the instructions on how to take the test given in the Kit. Put the samples in the envelope, fill in the questionnaire and send it to the Lab
Send Sample
to ISO Certified Lab
Your samples will arrive at the lab, where our scientists will perform the DNA analysis and begin working on your personal report
Get Personalized
Genetic Report
After 2 - 3 weeks, you will get your personalized genetic report with recommendations and
1 hour consultation with genetic expert
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