Do you want your child to grow as healthy as possible? Do you want to provide nutrition that you like, that does not reject and above all, provide the vitamins and proteins you really need? The genetic test will give your little one the nutritional habits that will make him develop at his maximum potential.
Why a DNA test for my son?
A diet based on your genes helps form children by taking advantage of their innate potential
Nutritional training
Form eating habits according to the individuality of your child, through their real nutritional needs.
Know in time the propensity of your child to develop some diseases and reduces the risk of them appearing.
It foresees the use of products that can cause discomfort. Use foods that are right for him and that help him develop.
Sports potential
Know your athletic potential, this will help you choose the sports in which you can get great results.
Lyudmila Seledtsova
Practicing dietitian, pediatrician, mother of three children
Children's body is not a field for experimentation. The sooner the parents understand this, the greater the chance that the child will grow up healthy and successful. The fastest way to find out the features and needs of your child is to do a DNA analysis.
The report MyGenetics for parents is a faithful assistant in the long journey of the child's diverse development, which will help to avoid mistakes and dangerous experiments.
<< Encode the enzyme that converts carotenoids into vitamin A in the small intestine. A mutation in this enzyme decreases the ratio of the synthesis of vitamin A in the body >>
Our tests
Choose the test according to the number of genes you want us to analyze and your personal goals
USD 99
Your great start
Analysis of 7 genes. You will learn about the metabolism of foods that will help you lose weight effectively and reduce the risk of suffering from some related diseases.
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USD 159
For your son
Analysis of 12 genes. You will learn about the metabolism of nutrients in your child's diet to form their eating habits and know the best sport in which they can develop.
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USD 199
Your great change
Analysis of 17 genes. You will learn about the metabolism of different foods, as well as sensitivity to flavors, which will help you tone your body to achieve your goals.
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USD 299
Your best choice
Analysis of 32 genes. This report will be the beginning of your new life, get the knowledge you need. You will achieve your maximum potential using your genetics.
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How does it work?
Order your test online

Choose the test of your preference in our website; Light, Baby, Fit, Wellness or Beauty and click on "Buy now". Fill in the form, and your Kit will be delivered to your address.
Take your DNA sample

Follow the instructions on how to take the test given in the Kit. Put the samples in the envelope, fill in the questionnaire and send it to the address in Russia.
Analysis in the laboratory

Your samples will arrive to our laboratory in Russia, where our scientists will perform the DNA analysis and begin working on your personal report.
Get your personalized genetic report
After 3 to 4 weeks, you will get your personalized genetic report with all your genetic characteristics and you will be able to make a true change in your healthy lifestyle.
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MyGenetics team will contact you to attend your request
Leave a request
MyGenetics team will contact you to attend your request
Leave a request
MyGenetics team will contact you to attend your request
Leave a request
MyGenetics team will contact you to attend your request
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