Keep yourself beauty and young
Do you want to have a beauty and young skin for a long time? Knowing how your body reacts to the sun, to cosmetics and even to what you eat will lead you to understand the real needs to preserve your beauty and look young
Why a DNA test for beauty?
A diet based on your genes helps you to avoid side effects while using cosmetics and to keep yourself beauty and young
Balance your external and internal beauty
Form eating habits, know your real vitamin needs, type of exercises, time to sleep and the right cosmetic for you.
Avoid the early manifestation of age-related changes
Individual anti-age program, preventive skin and hair care.
Common recommendations do not suits you
Tips from hairdressers, beauty experts, cosmetologists do not work very well on you because your organism is unique and this is linked to your DNA.
Effective solutions to skin and hair problems
Know the reasons for acne, black spots, dry skin and hair loss according to your genes
Anastasia Khozisova
TOP model Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld
Genetics determines the body's response to solar radiation. We are all told that the sun is bad for the skin, but in fact, the susceptibility to the sun's rays is individual. For some people, the sun is useful - they produce vitamin D and acne, while others begin to break down the skin cells, which leads to dryness, inflammation and even sunburn.
<< Encode the enzyme that converts carotenoids into vitamin A in the small intestine. A mutation in this enzyme decreases the ratio of the synthesis of vitamin A in the body >>
Our tests
Choose the test according to the number of genes you want us to analyze and your personal goals
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Eternal youth
Analysis of 34 genes. You will learn about the real needs of your skin and hair, preventive side effects on cosmetics, avoid beauty procedures that hurt your body and the right diet to keep your beauty and youth
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Choose the test of your preference in our website; Light, Baby, Fit, Wellness or Beauty and click on "Buy now". Fill in the form, and your Kit will be delivered to your address.
Take your DNA sample

Follow the instructions on how to take the test given in the Kit. After this, put the samples in the envelope, fill in the questionnaire and send it to the address in Russia.
Analysis in the laboratory

Your samples will arrive to our laboratory in Russia, where our scientists will perform the DNA analysis and begin working on your personal report.
Get your personalized genetic report
After 3 to 4 weeks, you will get your personalized genetic report with all your genetic characteristics and you will be able to make a true change in your healthy lifestyle.
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