Do you feel tired after work and less active in adulthood? Do you feel that between work, family and the years, every time you lose more energy? A test based on DNA will give you the guidelines to stay active, healthy, prevent and react to some symptoms of diseases.
Why a DNA test to stay young and active?
A diet based on your genes helps you to know your strengths and weaknesses to make the most of them
Reactions to different products
You will know the real need for fats, carbohydrates and more food necessary for your body. Through these you will achieve not to gain weight or maintain it.
Recognize your metabolic rates and actual demands of nutrients to balance your diet
Food needs
Identify your deficiencies or real excesses of vitamins and food intolerances to obtain an individual diet
Prevention of diseases
You will learn your genetic predispositions and how to prevent some diseases related to the metabolism of food in your body
Marianna Trifonova
Dietitian, TOP-6 Forbes best nutritionist in Russia
Diet is not a universal concept. DNA reports from MyGenetics help to understand what your body needs, and what kind of food will allow you to lose weight. Testing from MyGenetics is a unique opportunity for all slimmers to understand the causes of excess weight and initiate successful weight loss. Exhausting diets, in addition to stress, will not bring any changes in the body, if not in time to determine the true cause of excess weight. That is why, disappointed in the regular diet, I want to accept and give up. But diet is not a universal concept. Eating exactly the same way, we get different results at the exit.
<< Codifies the protein that participates in the transport of lipids in the blood and the transport of cholesterol to brain cells >>
Our tests
Choose the test according to the number of genes you want us to analyze and your personal goals
USD 99
Your great start
Analysis of 7 genes. You will learn about the metabolism of foods that will help you lose weight effectively and reduce the risk of suffering from some related diseases.
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USD 159
For your son
Analysis of 12 genes. You will learn about the metabolism of nutrients in your child's diet to form their eating habits and know the best sport in which they can develop.
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USD 199
Your great change
Analysis of 17 genes. You will learn about the metabolism of different foods, as well as sensitivity to flavors, which will help you tone your body to achieve your goals.
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USD 299
Your best choice
Analysis of 32 genes. This report will be the beginning of your new life, get the knowledge you need. You will achieve your maximum potential using your genetics.
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Leave a request
MyGenetics team will contact you to attend your request
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MyGenetics team will contact you to attend your request
Leave a request
MyGenetics team will contact you to attend your request
How does it work?
Order your test online

Choose the test of your preference in our website; Light, Baby, Fit, Wellness or Beauty and click on "Buy now". Fill in the form, and your Kit will be delivered to your address.
Take your DNA sample

Follow the instructions on how to take the test given in the Kit. Put the samples in the envelope, fill in the questionnaire and send it to the address in Russia.
Analysis in the laboratory

Your samples will arrive to our laboratory in Russia, where our scientists will perform the DNA analysis and begin working on your personal report.
Get your personalized genetic report
After 3 to 4 weeks, you will get your personalized genetic report with all your genetic characteristics and you will be able to make a true change in your healthy lifestyle.
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